Mudbone Orchestra

Some years ago (2005) I performed songs under the moniker Mudbone Orchestra. Most notable was the “Scrap the Inauguration” benefit for SCRAP on Inauguration night in January 2005. It was me on vocals and guitar and Bruce Orr playing bucket drum. Subsequently did not often use the name Mudbone Orchestra. Well… It’s Back!

After mulling various options for a name to use for my musical persona on (a site where people can easily access recordings of my songs) I decided to revisit Mudbone.

I like it on various levels. Fundamentally (and philosophically) it is about what we all are: earth in symphonic expression. Clay that sings. The embodied soul singing its truth and madness in everything it does. I am that, we are all that. So I am the Mudbone Orchestra.

So far four songs uploaded to SoundCloud, more soon (up to the max I can get for free, after which I’ll probably hunt down another free cloud storage option.)

I’ve been recording lately on the grand piano in Wiegand Recital Hall at Marylhurst U., and I must say I like the results, albeit the levels are too high. But I like the route I’m on with these piano adaptations of my songs. Guitar stuff too, since that is the majority of what I have, but I’m really feeling the piano. 

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