Sit down…

and be quiet.
You are drunk, and this is the
edge of the roof.


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The Conventional Wisdom

Of course we all know that “conventional wisdom” is often wrong. But now we are really coming to the ass-end of the conventional non-wisdom that has ruled our world for decades. Everything is crashing, splintering, exploding, dying, you name the catastrophic metaphor, it’s happening. And it is only just getting started. But it is all a necessary corrective, both morally and materially, for our society and culture.

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The Wheels…

The wheels are coming off our world.

And it’s a steep downgrade with blind hairpin turns the whole way down. Don’t waver to stare at the view: you’ll fly off into it and crash in a sickening crumple. Hands firm on the wheel. Tight but easy around the curves. At the bottom it finally gentles out. Down the long alluvial slope, into the orchards and villages of a new old country. So new there’s no King yet.

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